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Flowers are blooming and Birds are nesting

Spring has sprung in all the parks.

Red Crossbills @ JKRB

image by Ken Butler at JKRB

A Park in Memory of James Kiehl

James Kiehl River Bend Park is a good place to spend Memorial Day. The park was named to honor Army Spc. James Michael Kiehl of Comfort.

Sat. Service @ KCNA

Make plans for Saturday - Volunteer Morning @ KCNA - 8:30. Meet Kristen at the Garden. Have fun and get some things done!

KCNA Volunteer May24

Earn volunteer hours at the beautiful and peaceful Kreutzberg Canyon Natural Area.

Mother's Day Picnic

A picnic in the park is perfect for Mother's Day - here's a recipe for your basket. Watermelon/Tomato Salad

Owl Box donated!

Who goes there? An owl does, or will soon when our owl pair begins nesting in our new owl box! Cynthia Thomas donated this neat-o nest box to KCPP.

You Need This Book!

New book from our friend and Hill Country Chapter Master Naturalist Jim Stanley! -- A Beginner's Handbook for Rural Texas Landowners: How to Live in the Country Without Spoiling It.

Happy Easter

Looking for the Easter bunny? Here she is at James Kiehl River Bend Park. Take a walk in the park on Easter Sunday to see if she left eggs for you!

Spring Cleaning@KCNA

It's time for a little Spring Cleaning at KCNA. Please join us for gardening tasks and general beautification of the gardens, blinds, and habitat yards.

Volunteer Time!

Looking to volunteer where you will make a difference? If you would like to help KCPP with our good works in the parks, just email info@kendallcountyparks.

Outdoor Dirt

Knowledge you can dig

Find articles, commentaries, and stories by our members and guest contributors.

Poetry of Parks image  The Poetry of Parks by Brent Evans ››
  Parks are the poetry that people write upon the land...

Reality Show image  The Fabulous Reality Show by Ruth McArthur ››
  Crazed cardinal assaults auto...

Pecan Tree title   

Magueys image



Good Reads

Interpretive Education

KCPP's interpretive signs are found throughout each park. Our interpretive signs are engaging and educationally-sound. They are terrific resources that help visitors understand and appreciate important aspects of the natural and cultural heritage of each park. We researched and complied scientific information, and fun facts!

James Kiehl River Bend Park

Kreutzberg Canyon Natural Area

Joshua Springs Park and Preserve

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