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KCPP is a citizen-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting the park system in Kendall County, Texas. Enthusiastic volunteers provide service, guidance, and funding. Our members include attorneys, counselors, financial experts, educators, engineers, geologists, land stewardship and conservation advocates, scientists, and plenty just plain 'ol folks interested in conserving rural land as parks and natural areas. Anyone can help us make a difference and have fun making parks happen!

Our Mission

Kendall County Partnership for Parks promotes the preservation of our natural heritage and the development of recreational opportunities.

Our Story

The dream of many, the work of a few, reality for all

County residents foresaw the need for a non-profit organization to assist Kendall County with its emerging park system. Kendall County Partnership for Parks (KCPP) was formed by a small group of interested citizens in March 2006.

KCPP was awarded a Kronkosky Charitable Foundation grant of $250,000 in 2007. The grant helped create our first park, James Kiehl River Bend Park (JKRB). KCPP recommended naming this park to honor a fallen soldier from Comfort and Commissioners Court agreed. We developed a master plan for JKRB, researched and purchased most amenities, hired contractors, and oversaw construction. Our hard-working volunteers never flinched at the most difficult tasks. We helped construct two chimney swift towers - the county's first. A special place was reserved for a memorial monument to Army Spc. James M. Kiehl and Kendall County servicemen and women.                                                                                       

James Kiehl River Bend Park opened in March 2009 and was dedicated in a moving, patriotic ceremony on Memorial Day, May 26, 2009.

jmk monument

The county's second park was acquired in 2007, the 405-acre Joshua Springs Park and Preserve (JSPP). KCPP assisted with gathering community input and professional advice to develop a master plan for JSPP, and we are contributing to the park's infrastructure. JSPP's ribbon cutting was August 18, 2012.

Kreutzberg Canyon Natural Area (KCNA), 117 beautiful acres located along the Guadalupe River, was purchased in early 2009. We commissioned a professional Habitat Assessement and Wildlife Management Plan - a useful tool and guideline for good stewardship of the natural area. Commissioners Court asked KCPP to name the new park. We used the area's history and the park's landmarks and topography to arrive at a relevant and descriptive name. KCPP utilized remaining Kronkosky grant monies, donations, and tireless volunteers to improve KCNA. We supplied materials, signage, picnic tables, benches, and kiosks to match the features at JKRB. We designed and constructed three well-equipped wildlife observation blinds - the first public blinds in Kendall County.

Kreutzberg Canyon Natural Area opened August 15, 2011. The natural area is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

kcna sign opening day

Moving forward

Our work is not complete when parks open. We help to continually improve and care for our parks. KCPP has forged partnerships with other nature organizations, including Cibolo Nature Center, Texas Master Naturalist, and local Boy Scout troops. We work with our partners conducting regular service to complete improvements, maintenance, and special projects. KCPP sponsors research projects including nest box monitoring, habitat assessments, and bird and wildlife censuses. We participate in community events and love having a float in parades to promote KCPP. We provide concessions at park events - Dan's grilled bratwursts are a favorite KCPP fundraiser!

ruth & danhappy volunteersJKRB clean-upVolksmarch 2011Parade float

These achievements are our foundation. As KCPP grows, we continue to fulfill our mission and provide valuable direction and funding to insure that the vision of the Kendall County Parks and Open Space Master Plan is realized.


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Kendall County Partnership for Parks Board of Directors

  • Brent Evans
  • Charles Wetherbee
  • Kristie Denbow
  • Kristen Scheller
  • Garry Speir
  • Dan Denbow
  • Karl Behrens
  • Cher Sorcic
  • Avery Badia
  • Katherine Hall